Hi, my name is Jill and I'm a digital designer and pixel nerd. I started working with Photoshop when I was 11 and never lost the passion for digital grafics since. 


In my mind, the most important detail in good work is having a great setup of people you are working with. Teamwork and communication skills are in the center of my actual working enviroment and there is no way I would go back into a  dog-eat-dog enviroment.


Starting at Jimdo 2010 with a huge range of print and online marketing work I moved my focus in 2014 to frontend, website and template design. Together with my teampartner we got the chance to build up a template building team that creates new designs for Jimdo Websites. With a high concentration on cleaner code and innovative ideas we are driving this ship in a good future and wish for our Jimdo Customers to be able to get the site they wish for even without coding knowledge.


In 2016 my husband and I decidet to move to southern Germany. I wouldn't stop working on Jimdo pages though and decided to work independent and build e-commerce solutions, Jimdo client websites and project management for those. 


Also I started to work for eifelsan.com a food supplement company with shopware setup. My tasks are mainly the management of the e-commerce platform, new assets and onpage marketing. EifelSans corporate design is in my hands and I coordinate Projects and marketing actions.



Bringing the experience of retroperspectives, structured daylies and working with tools like Kanban and Kaizen wich are pretty helpful in team organization planning. We also used Peergroup Feedbacks for personal development.



You might ask yourself why (as a web designer) I use a content management system for my site. Well as ex template designer for Jimdo I would find it very sad not to be able to represent myself with something I created.


This is my last template I built for Jimdo and likely the one that is now mostly used by jimdo users. That fact makes me proud and happy enough to use it myself.


Working at Portaltech Reply since 2019
Working at EifelSan.com since 2016

Wored independent 2016-2018

Worked at Jimdo
as Web Designer 10 - 16

Worked at Scholz&Friends
as Art Director 08 - 10 Siemens, Tchibo, JohnPlayerSpecial, Protherm, Pitchteam

Worked at kempertrautmann
as Art Assistent 07-08 Gaggenau, Paulaner, Audi, Grohe, Pitches

Studies Art Direction 05-07
(Diplom Art Direction)


• speaking fluently english
• Adobe CC
   focussed on Illustrator and Photoshop
   but also good knowlege InDesign,
   Acrobat Pro & Lightroom.

• CSS/Sass/scss/Less
• Git
• Photography
   Nikon D5500 loving my 40mm macro
   the most